Casino Loyalty Schemes

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Many casino sites offer loyalty schemes to players, which can help them, get a little back from their favourite online casino when they stay with them for a period of time. These loyalty schemes can offer cashback, points or even reduce the house edge on casino games. Along with welcome bonuses, looking at the rewards scheme that a casino offers can really help when choosing a new site to play on, whether you're new to playing games online or just fancy a change.

What Do Casino Loyalty Schemes Offer?

The majority of loyalty schemes for online casino sites offer points when a certain amount is wagered on specific games. They may also offer bonus points or double points when specific games are played at particular times of the day or on particular days of the week. The points can be exchanged for a number of things - normally sites allow players to exchange their loyalty points for cash or casino bonuses, but they may also offer free spins on games or entries into regular prize draws.

casino loyalty scheme

How Do They Work?

Each loyalty scheme can work in a different way, particularly when it comes to how easily you can earn reward points. The majority of casino sites have a scale, which sees you climb in status the more points you earn, and the higher in status you are the easier it is to earn more points. In addition, when you have a higher status you may also have more offers and opportunities to spend points available to you, so it's a win-win combination.

Because of the points offered by online casinos in their loyalty schemes, staying with one site for a long time can mean you can earn a good amount of cashback for the wagers that you place on games. The benefits can vary depending on the casino site you're looking at, but the extra points that casinos offer help to reward players for staying loyal to the site rather than playing elsewhere. The details of benefits you're eligible for with your current casino can usually be found along with your account details when you're signed in to the site, but often all players are eligible for an online casino's loyalty scheme.

Better Promotions

In addition to offering points, casinos may also offer better promotions for players that stick with them. Site-wide promotions for all players are common, but loyal players will often receive better rewards, which can range from higher payouts or lower wagers to increased chances of winning a game.

While it's a good idea to try out lots of different casino game sites to take advantage of their welcome bonuses and decide which games you like the best, it's helpful to decide on which one is your favourite. Once you've chosen the casino that you enjoy playing at the most, you can use this as your main site so that you can begin to earn points and rewards for using them. Soon you'll have racked up a good amount of bonuses that you would have lost out on if you'd continued to keep switching sites.