How does the casino deposit bonus work?

25 Jul 2013       By Danielle Lee

One of the main ways online casinos tempt new players in is by offering a casino deposit bonus. This is the most common bonus available and there are various reasons why casinos prefer to offer them over any other promotion. There are different types of deposit bonuses to choose from and each casino will have its own scheme.

Understanding the casino deposit bonus promotion

A deposit bonus is basically a cash sum you receive when you make a deposit into your casino account. The most common is the 100% bonus offer. Whatever amount you place into your account, the casino will match it by 100%. This means if you place £20 into your account, the casino will also deposit £20; taking the total to £40.

There are usually limits set on this type of deposit bonus. Obviously the casino doesn’t want to lose too much money, so there will usually be a maximum deposit of up to £100. Again, this limit will vary depending on the casino. Compare as many casinos as you can to find the best match bonus offer.

Refer a friend bonus

You might also get a deposit bonus when you refer a friend, another common promotion offered by online casinos. It will usually include an additional bonus for each friend who signs up based on your recommendation. In order to entice them in too, the casino will also double their welcome bonus.

Extra bonus on your next deposit made

Re-load deposit bonuses are also available at some online casinos – so not only will you get a bonus for your first deposit, but you’ll also get one each time you put money into your account. As usual, there will be rules and set limits on these bonuses so you will need to research what’s available.

Casino deposit bonus button

Things to keep in mind

One thing you need to keep in mind is that you can’t withdraw the bonus money. Many players have mistakenly signed up with a casino and made the maximum deposit in the belief that they can withdraw the money into their bank account. Always read the terms and conditions of any bonuses an online or mobile casino is running.

The purpose of deposit bonuses is to allow players to play their favourite games for a longer period of time. It is actually a clever tactic used by casinos as are the ones who benefit the most. They are giving you free money, but that money is spent playing their games. There’s a higher chance that you will lose the money than there is you will win, so technically they actually get the money back.

Did you recieve the bonus?

One thing you need to double check is whether you receive the bonus automatically or whether you will need to request it. This isn’t always made very clear as the terms and conditions are covered in the small print. Not many people read through this so they often miss out on promotions assuming it’s just no longer running.

Check the wagering requirements

Automatic promotions aren’t always welcome as each one comes complete with its own wagering and withdrawal requirements. These requirements need to be fulfilled before you can withdraw any money from your account. Therefore, if you have seen a promotion you like the sound of, be sure to check out its wagering requirements first.

These are the main things you need to know about the casino deposit bonus promotions. While it may be a little tedious, it’s vital you read through the terms and conditions of all promotions before you agree to them. That way you will know exactly what you are getting yourself into and when you’ll be able to make a withdrawal into your bank account.