How to play Caribbean stud poker

31 Aug 2014       By

Poker is one of the most popular casino games played around the world. Over the years, different variations including Caribbean Stud Poker have been created and you can find most of them at online casinos.


Caribbean stud poker is just one variation that’s become extremely popular with gamblers. If you’re yet to try this exciting game then it helps to understand some of the most basic rules of the game.


Here you’ll discover how to play and a few tips that can help along the way.


How Caribbean stud poker works


In Caribbean stud poker, a bet is placed before the cards are actually dealt. This is known as the ‘ante’. Once this has been made, you will be dealt five cards, while the dealer has one. If for whatever reason you choose to fold once you’ve seen your five cards, you will not only lose the side bet, but you’ll also lose the ante.


Another option you have is to ‘raise’. If you choose this option you will be required to put down a second bet. The dealer then deals themselves the remaining four cards. You will then compare both your hands and any pay-outs will be dealt with. When you’re playing at an online casino, it takes literally just a few seconds for this to happen. It is a fast paced game that can leave new players extremely confused. One thing you may be particularly puzzled by is how your pay-outs are calculated.


This version of poker is actually pretty simple as the only real decisions you need to make are whether to raise or fold. There are various strategies you can use to enhance your chances of winning. These can be found online.


Understanding pay-outs


According to Caribbean stud poker terminology, the dealer will need to have at least a King to qualify. If they don’t have an ace or a king in their hand, the player receives 1:1 pay-out. This is the ante and the players bet pushes.


If the dealer does have a king or an ace, the hands will be compared. Rankings from the standard poker hand are used for this. If the dealers hand turns out to be better than the player’s hand, the player loses both the ante and bet.


If it turns out to be a tie, the bet and the ante are pushed. If the player’s hand beats the dealer the pay-out is 1:1 on the ante. The bet has its own pay-out table that will be referred to in order to determine how much has actually been won.


The better the hand, the higher the pay-out. For example, a royal flush pays out 100:1, whereas a straight flush pays out 50:1. Each online casino will have its own pay table that you should look over before playing.


Caribbean stud poker is a popular casino game and it’s pretty easy to understand. It is still worth looking over the rules and comparing different online casinos to see which offer the best deals. Understanding the pay-outs is one of the main things you should focus on before you start playing.