How to play Texas Hold’em poker

26 Aug 2014       By

Texas Hold’em poker is one of the most popular styles of poker available. It is played by millions of players worldwide and can be really addictive. Not only is it extremely popular offline, but there are a lot of dedicated players who take part in online poker tournaments too.


Before you start playing, it helps if you fully understand the rules. Below you’ll discover the best way to compete in a tournament.


Understanding the hand


In a game of Texas Hold’em, you are dealt two cards that only you will see. Five cards are then dealt face-up so everybody can see them.


The players in the tournament can all use these community cards in order to gain the best five card hand. You don’t have to use the two private cards in your hand to win. You can use basically any combination of the seven cards available to you in order to gain the best hand.


It is worth noting that there are different variations of Texas Hold’em and each has slightly different rules. No limit, limit, mixed and pot variations are available.


Texas Hold Em poker


Starting the game


The first thing you have to familiarise yourself with is the blinds. These are forced bets that are made throughout the game.


One of the players is marked as the dealer for that game and the person who is sitting immediately clockwise from them starts by making a small blind. The player who is sitting clockwise to the small blind must then make a large blind. Typically this tends to be double what the small blind was. If you are playing a limited game, the big blind tends to be less value than it would in a non-limited version.


Once the blinds have been made, the players are dealt two private cards (also referred to as hole cards). The player who is sat clockwise from the big blind starts the game.


Betting options


Throughout the game there are various betting options available. You can choose to check, fold, bet, raise or call. You always have the option to fold if you feel you can’t win.


If a bet hasn’t yet been made, players can choose to bet or check. Checking will enable you to keep hold of the cards you have without betting any additional money.


Once a bet has been made, other players can choose to raise, fold or call. If you choose to call you are agreeing to match the bet made by the last player. Raising the bet increases the amount bet by the last player and usually means you are confident with the hand you have.


Texas Hold’em is pretty straight forward to play. However, it is worth familiarising yourself with the different types of games available. Understanding the terms used and the basic gameplay will help to improve your chances of winning. Why not try the online casino free games available which will help you to become familiar with the game before you bet any real money.