How to play video poker

26 Aug 2014       By

Video poker has become pretty popular over the years. It can be played in bars and online as well as in live casinos. What makes it so popular is the fact the players can provide some input in order to increase their odds of winning at online betting.


It is a fairly simplistic five card poker game and it combines the fun of poker with the experience of playing slots.


Below you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to play this addictive game.


The rules of video poker


To play video poker your bet by choosing your wager amount on the screen, just like you would with slots. You are then given a set amount of credits to play with.


If you are playing the ‘Better Poker’ or standard ‘Jacks’ games, you will need to get a pair of Jacks minimum in order to win the hand. The higher the hand, the more you will win. It is worth noting that you are only allowed to draw five additional cards before the hand ends.


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You will be given the choice of whether you want to discard or hold your cards. It isn’t a game where you just sit back and hope for the best. You will obviously want to make the best decisions in order to win.


It is estimated that there are just over 100 different variations of video poker available. The rules may change slightly with each one. They different machines will have a set pay-out table that you will need to pay attention to.


No matter which game you play, the biggest pay-out is always given for the Royal Flush. The chances of you landing a Royal Flush depend upon the game you are playing.


However, it is estimated that it presents itself every 40,000 plays or so. Therefore the likelihood of you getting a Royal Flush isn’t very high.


Video poker strategy


While it is rare, sometimes you are dealt a hand that is already complete. This includes a Full House, flush, four of a kind and in rare cases a Royal Flush. You won’t need to draw any cards of this happens. Generally though you will be drawn a hand which isn’t complete.


If you don’t have at least one pair, it is often a good idea to draw five new cards. Remember, you can only draw a total of five cards throughout the game. So if you don’t at least get one pair in the next hand you will lose.


The odds at each online casino will vary. They are also usually set slightly in the casinos favour. Before you play video poker it is a good idea to become familiar with the general hands of poker. You will need to understand the different hands available before you play, otherwise you won’t know what you are doing.


Video poker is popular and it can be really fun to play. Providing you understand a little about standard poker, you’ll find it an easy game to play. You don’t have to make too many decisions and your chances of getting a pay-out are pretty good compared to some other casino games.