Online Poker Tournament Types

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Put simply, an online poker tournament is a type of tournament in which players compete with other players, playing games of poker. The tournament may feature as little as just two poker players using a single table. This type of poker tournament is known as the ‘heads up’ contest. By contrast, as many as tens of thousands of players may be involved in an online poker tournament, which take place of thousands of different tables.

How do you become involved in a poker tournament?


In order to take part in a poker tournament online, a player must pay for a fixed buy in. This will enable them to be given a number of poker chips at the beginning of the tournament. The player declared the winner of the tournament is he or she who has won every chip present in the tournament.

What are the different types of online poker tournaments in existence?



A bounty tournament refers to contests whereby a player is given a prize for eliminating another specific player or several specific players from the contest. It is not uncommon for casino sites to give players the opportunity to be rewarded bounties when they knock out celebrities or professionals from the tournament.

This type of online poker tournament is especially attractive to players, as they do not have to even finish the game before they can win some money. If they manage to eliminate a certain player or players from the contest, they are awarded a lucrative sum of cash pretty much immediately.

Deep Stack


Deep Stacks refer to tournaments which players play with a significantly larger amount of chips than they usually play with in relation to the ante or blind. It is not uncommon for Deep Stack tournaments to be played with approximately 5,000 chips. However, this amount can differ considerably from casino site to casino site.

Online Poker Tournament Types

Double or Nothing


It is essentially the structure of payment which is different in a Double or Nothing poker tournament. Players typically double the amount they buy in during these types of contests. It is also common for this type of tournament for a higher than normal amount of players cash. There is also no difference from the player who comes last in cash and the player who comes first in the actual tournament.

Freeze Out


Freeze Out tournaments are popular and are defined by players making a single buy in and, once they lose each of their chips, are withdrawn from the contest. The player who has not been eliminated wins the tournament and at the end of the contest, have all of the chips in their hand

There are several other types of online poker tournaments that are also fairly regular features of many online casino sites, including Freeroll, Guaranteed, Heads Up, Limit, Multi Table, No Limit, Pot Limit, Private, Rubey/Add On, Satellites, Shoot Out, Single Table, Steps, Sit and Go and Turbo.

Whichever type of online poker tournament you decide to play just remember to have fun!