Payment methods at Online Casino sites

04 Jul 2013       By Danielle Lee

Which payment methods are available? No one can expect to play for free forever in an online casino site, so it is inevitable that at some point or another that you will have to make a deposit to your account.

Many different casino payment methods

Now whilst there are a number of different ways that any player can go about this, it pays to know exactly what each payment method open to them is, and how each of them works. Are there charges for using each payment method, how long does it take, and can you both deposit and withdraw via all of these payment methods? We’re going to a take a very brief look at some of those options here now.


Credit cards:

Credit cards are the most commonly accepted payment method in an online casino site. Naturally, that means that Visa and Master Card accepted casino payment method. While depositing via a Visa or Master Card is generally free and transaction times are instantaneous, there is often a very different situation when it comes to withdrawing your funds. When you decide to withdraw your funds, you might find that Visa and Master Card are not accepted as valid withdrawal methods, and so you must find another payment method to withdraw with. This isn’t true of all sites, just some. It is however likely that you will have to pay a fee for withdrawing your funds via a credit card if the service is available, and that it can take anywhere between three to five days to withdraw via a credit card.

Debit cards:

Debit cards are also accepted at pretty much all online casinos. In the United Kingdom, Visa debit is the most popular debit card. Mainland Europe also generally accepts Maestro and Visa Electron, and Scandinavian countries favour the Nordea debit card. Just like credit cards, there can be a delay of a couple of days on withdrawing your funds, and there may or may not be a small free attributed to it also. Depositing via debit cards is generally instantaneous.


E-wallets are one of the safest ways to deposit money online, since they do not require you to enter any bank account or credit card details into the online casino account. E-wallets include such brands as Skrill, Neteller, U Kash and the world famous PayPal. If you have ever bought something online, then it is highly likely that you already use PayPal. E-wallets are always free to deposit from and your transactions are completed instantly. All online casinos allow withdrawals to e-wallets also, and there is often no charge for this either. Withdrawing to an e-wallet is generally completely instantly.

Pre-paid cards:

Using pre-paid cards is yet another option that is available at most online gambling sites, certainly in Europe at least. Pre-paid cards come in the form of vouchers that can be picked up at your local supermarket, newsagent or retail shop. These vouchers come with a code, rather similar to the code you might get on the end of your receipt when you purchase phone credit. With an online account at one of the providers, you can log in, enter your code and then use your online credit balance to deposit to your casino account. Transactions and complete instantly and at no charge, although withdrawing to a pre paid is often not possible, so again another alternative payment method might be needed. Pay Safe Card is one such example of a pre paid card payment method.

Wire transfers and bank transfers:

There are of course other ways that players might go about transferring money to and from their online casino account. One such way is via a wire transfer (such as Western Union), or by Diners Club where accepted. American Express (AMEX) is also accepted, though all three of these payment methods are sparsely found in the European online casino world. They each have their limitations and their advantages, though none of the three will be terribly appealing to European players considering the alternative options that are open to them.

It's your choice as the player

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter which payment method you choose, because it is all down to you in the end, and what you are comfortable with. If you feel secure and safe using any given payment method over another one then so be it. That is why the online gambling sites give you options in the first place! Depositing funds into an online casino account is similar process no matter which option you choose. You will always be required to choose a payment method, fill out the information in the box provided, and then choose an amount. Almost all available payment methods permit players to have instant access to their funds to start gaming with also. It is just the withdrawing options that need to be carefully assessed and decided upon when gambling in online casinos, but with a bit of concise decision making, even this is a doddle!