Sportsbook betting explained

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People who like to bet on sporting events would benefit greatly from sportsbook betting.

What is sportsbook betting?

You can take part in this type of betting both on and offline. No matter what sport you are into, there’s a range of bets you can place to predict the outcome of the game,match or race.

If you’re new to the world of sportsbook betting then below you’ll find out more about the different types of bets available.

Most popular types of sportsbook bets

There are numerous types of bets you can place and the most popular include:
• Accumulator
• Double
• Ante-post
• Each way
• Lucky 15
• Goliath
• Single

Accumulator bets

Accumulators are definitely up there with the most placed sportsbook bets. They involve betting on more than one outcome. The reason why this type of bet is so popular is because it provides you with the chance to win big on a small stake. A £1 accumulator can potentially win you hundreds of pounds. It all depends upon the odds and how many outcomes you bet on. Horse racing and football are the two most popular sports you can place an accumulator bet on.

Double bets

Double bets allow you to place one bet on two different events. Both of the bets have to come in. Once the first bet has won, the winnings and stake get put onto the second event. If that wins you have the potential to win a lot of money.

Ante-post bets

Ante-post bets aren’t as common but they can be really lucrative. You place this type of bet well in advance. As you are paying so far in advance, the odds are typically a lot higher. This means the potential pay-out can be a lot higher than it will be for those who place the same bet nearer the event.

Each way bets

An each way bet is most associated with horse racing. It involves betting on a horse or team that you think is going to win. In horse racing your chosen horse can win if it comes first, second or third. However, if you put a single bet on, you’ll receive a pay-out only if it comes first. An Each-way bet will pay-out on the first three positions.

Lucky 15 bets

A lucky 15 bet is another very popular type of bet available. It is made up of an accumulator, six double bets, four single bets and four treble bets. The good news is that you get a guaranteed pay-out if just one of your bets comes in.

The Goliath bet

The Goliath is an even bigger bet that draws in only serious betters. It includes a huge 247 individual bets. You’ll need two of your bets to come in if you want to receive a pay-out.

Single bet

Finally a single bet is fairly straight forward. You make just one selection that you think will win. If it does, you receive a pay-out.

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There are so many types of bets available in sportsbook betting. Always take the time to familiarise yourself with them before you go ahead and make a bet.