Three card poker

06 Mar 2015       By Asin Agrawal

Poker is the most popular card game in the world. It attracts millions of people and there are even serious offline poker clubs that give players the chance to earn huge amounts of money.

Did you know that there are different types of poker available? The most popular form used to be the five card draw. However, these days there’s a new type that’s been sneaking up the popularity ranks and that’s three card poker.

What is three card poker?

There are two ways to play three card poker and these include:

  • Ante
  • Pair Plus

You start out by choosing whether you want to make an ante or a pair plus bet. Then the dealer will give themselves and you three cards. You won’t be able to see the dealer’s cards but you are able to look at your own.

If you chose to make an ante bet, you’ll have to decide whether you would like to raise or fold. If you fold, you will automatically forfeit your wager. If you decide to raise, you’ll be required to make another bet that matches your original ante bet. It’s at this point the dealer will turn their own cards over.

In order to qualify the dealer will need to have a queen high hand or better. If they don’t, you will win the ante bet. If the dealer does qualify to play, your hand will have to be compared with theirs. The one who has the highest hand will be declared the winner.

If you make an ante bet and you draw a straight hand or higher, you’ll automatically win an ante bonus. It doesn’t matter what hand the dealer has in this situation; you’ll still receive your bonus.

If you make a pair plus bet you’ll receive the poker value of the hand you are dealt.

Variations of three card poker

It’s also worth noting that there are different variations available. Some casinos will allow you to gain additional pay-outs thanks to a ‘Mini Royal’ line. This is basically an Ace, King and Queen suit.

Prime is another potential winning line. All three of your cards have to be the same colour to benefit from this pay-out. You’ll typically receive a three to one pay-out, though if the dealer cards are also the same colour this goes up to four to one.

Creating a strategy

While poker is a game of luck, it’s still possible to come up with various strategies to win. In three card poker it’s recommended that you raise if you have a Queen, six and four. However, you can make up your own strategy to suit your playing style.

It’s worth keeping in mind that different casinos will have different rules when it comes to three card poker. The above is just a general description on how it typically works. It’s a fun version of the game and is quite popular at online casino sites. It’s always worth looking out for free play options so you can get used to playing before you make an actual bet.