Types Of Slot Games

02 Nov 2015       By

Playing slots is exciting and fun but with so many different types of slots on offer, which game do you opt for? To help you define your classic slots from your bonus slots, take a look at some of the different types of slot games offered in the colourful world of online slots.

Video slots

Generally speaking video slots have five reels designed to combine classic slot games with some exciting action. Video slots tend to feature grand special effects which are often void of regular slot games.

Another general assumption is the more reels a slot machine has, the greater the chances of creating that lucrative winning combo – hence the popularity of video slots.

Classic slots

Also known as line slots, classic slots is one of the most commonly-played slot machines in existence. The objective of classic slots is to simply line-up a series of symbols to be crowned a winner.

Progressive online slots

Progressive online slots tend to give away much bigger cash prizes as they operate through a network of casinos which collectively put money into the jackpot.

Types Of Slot Games

Bonus feature slots

Providing a game that is set within a game, bonus feature slots are a playful type of slot game whereby bonus features are created whenever a specific series of symbols are generated. The opportunities in this games are almost endless and players have a lot of fun trying to win!

Bonus Multiplier online slots

With this game players are offered a bonus when they bet the maximum number of money per spin and win.

Multiplier slots

Regular multiplier slot games are favourable for players who are reluctant to hedge the maximum bet on games. However, multiplier slots do not tend to offer extra bonuses or incentives as players are not encouraged to place the maximum bet.