Video Poker Game Types

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Playing video poker can be a lot of fun, but like with every game in order to play well and be in with a chance of winning you need to be aware of the rules and how the games work. how to play video poker is becoming especially popular on mobile devices where players can amble away laborious train journeys or kill time in a waiting room playing video poker games. If the prospect of having fun, potentially winning some money whilst killing some time sounds appealing, take a look at the following different video poker game types and how they work.

The rules of Jacks or Better Video Poker

This is an extremely popular video poker game, one which if you pick the correct strategy with the correct paytable, video poker odds. We also have to admit, Jacks or Better Video Poker is the easiest machine to play on which requires an extremely simple strategy that rewards players with quality returns.

It is therefore a great machine for beginners and it is also important to remember that the majority of other video poker machines are merely a variation of the Better or Jacks game!

The fundamental rule you should remember is that the aim is to craft a hand of poker which is stronger and therefore surpasses a pair of Jacks.

The rules of bonus video poker

This game is so simple it hardly requires an explanation and the only thing you’ll need to remember is that this machine can entitle players to a ‘bonus’ pay-out for additional hands. For example, players would receive a bonus pay-out for getting four twos of four aces.

The rules of Double Bonus Video Poker

So what about Double Bonus Video Poker? This game is essentially the same, the only difference being that players who get ‘special hands’ the pay-table will reward them with a higher value. Anything from four of a kind accompanied with a king or four aces is regarded as a ‘special hand’.

Though be warned, you should carefully read the pay-table, as it is the pay-table which deems whether a machine is worth playing or not, so it is important to read the ‘small print’ in order to choose the correct machine.

Video Poker Game Types

Rules of Double Double Bonus Video Poker

This game is a little more complex and intricate than those mentioned above, though only slightly. Basically, with Double Double Bonus Video Poker there are more possible combinations available which give higher pay-outs if players get the combinations. For example, if you got a three of a kind with an Ace you might win a higher pay-out.

Rules of Joker Wild Video Poker

Instead of the standard 52 cards, Joker Wild Video Poker uses 53 cards, the additional card being the wild joker. This card is like gold dust as it can replace any card so that players can achieve a winning combination of cards.

There are several other types of video poker games, such as Bonus Deuce Wild Video Poker and Aces and Eights Video Poker, which one you opt for is entirely up to you!