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Cash of Kingdoms marches into casino sites this October - 20 Oct 2018
Fans of medieval and Middle Age-themed slots may like what they see in Microgaming’s latest release. The Cash of Kingdoms slot is the latest game in this genre to appear at online casinos, and players couldn’t ask for a more thematic release... Read More By Asin Agrawal

Novomatic unveils their second Tales of Darkness slot this month - 19 Oct 2018
It was only a fortnight ago that Novomatic unveiled their Tales of Darkness: Lunar Eclipse slot. Focusing on a vampiress, the game was instantly seen as an ideal release in the run-up to Halloween... Read More By Asin Agrawal

SA Gaming debuts their Shanghai Godfather slot over the weekend - 14 Oct 2018
Although they tend to be one of the smaller online casino software providers in Europe, with much of their focus stemming on casino players in the Far Easter; Asian casino software provider has decided to launch their newest slot, Shanghai Godfather globally... Read More By Asin Agrawal

Relax Gaming delivers their first solo-produced online slot machine - 13 Oct 2018
You will no doubt have heard of Relax Gaming by now. Over the last few years (well, ever since their debut in 2010, really) they have been producing decent online slots, produced in partnership with other software providers... Read More By Asin Agrawal

Vikings launches at NetEnt casinos in November - 12 Oct 2018
One of the most anticipated slot machines of the year is set to debut next month. Net Entertainment’s Vikings is based on the History Channel’s world famous and popular show of the same name... Read More By Asin Agrawal

Microgaming may be about to launch a new slot series - 06 Oct 2018
Over the weekend, Microgaming decided to unveil Dark Red, their attempt at a fairy tale-themed slot. However, there is something telling about the title of this game. Known fully as Wicked Tales: Dark Red, it implies that this will be just the first of several fairy tale-themed slots to debut in a possible Wicked Tales franchise... Read More By Asin Agrawal

Baam Boom debuts at Playtech casino sites this October - 05 Oct 2018
Baam Boom is the newest Playtech slot to launch, although, for the time being, you are only going to be to find this slot at just a handful of casinos. Playtech aren’t normally associated with exclusive launches, but that is the path they have chosen to stride down with their newest release... Read More By Asin Agrawal

Suicide Squad debuts at Playtech casinos this week - 04 Oct 2018
We all know that the movie was underwhelming, but does Playtech’s slot version of Suicide Squad have enough about it to be a real hit with online casino players? The game was officially unveiled at Playtech casino sites this week, so it is time we got to grips with the new release... Read More By Asin Agrawal

Pumpkin Bonanza is the first Halloween-themed slot to debut this year - 03 Oct 2018
As is often the case whenever Halloween draws near, online casino software providers are eager to churn out new game after game, in a bid to capture an audience which may be feeling in the mood for thrills and spills. Playtech have jumped the gun and got a head start on their rivals this week, with the launch of their newest entry into the Halloween-themed slot genre, Pumpkin Bonanza... Read More By Asin Agrawal

Wolf Hunters debuts at Yggdrasil Casinos this week - 02 Oct 2018
Wolf Hunters is the latest Yggdrasil slot to debut, and it is coming to your favourite online casino sites this week. Debuting on Monday September 24, Wolf Hunters is arguably one of the most complex and challenging new slots to receive its launch in 2018 and getting to grips with the new game is certainly going to take some getting used to... Read More By Asin Agrawal


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