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Caesars Entertainment fined £13million for serious failings - 03 Apr 2020
Caesars Entertainment have become the latest firm to be forced to pay out a huge sum following their failings to protect players and money laundering failures... Read More

Over half a million UK players block payments to gambling sites during Corona crisis - 31 Mar 2020
According to reports, around 570,000 players have made the decision to stop all payments to online gambling sites via their bank accounts, to ensure they don’t spend money gambling during the Covid-19 lockdown... Read More

Casinos, Betting Shops and Bingo Halls now eligible for Covid-19 help - 26 Mar 2020
There has been a swift turnaround with the Government’s decision to exclude casinos and betting shops from the business tax relief, which has been greatly welcomed by all in the industry... Read More

Casinos and betting shops will not receive emergency tax relief - 23 Mar 2020
During these unprecedented times, the UKs Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, has revealed extraordinary plans to help businesses across the UK as many face bankruptcy due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, betting shops and casinos will not be included with those able to claim relief in business rates.. Read More

Online casinos told not to take advantage of Coronavirus - 20 Mar 2020
There’s no getting away from the ‘C’ word at the moment. Industries all over the world are being affected by the outbreak, which includes land-based casinos... Read More

Coronavirus causes iconic Monaco casino to close indefinitely - 16 Mar 2020
The Coronavirus crisis has taken over the headlines all over the world and doesn’t seem to be slowing down... Read More

Betfred boss buys shares in William Hill - 11 Mar 2020
The billionaire boss of Betfred has just bought a 3% share in its industry rivals, William Hill for an undisclosed amount... Read More

Rick and Morty Slot Breaks Records - 10 Mar 2020
Blueprint Gaming launched their highly anticipated ‘Rick and Morty Multiways’ Slot game at the beginning of March and so far, it’s proven extremely popular, breaking Blueprints previous records for slot launches... Read More

Could Coronavirus close casinos? - 04 Mar 2020
Coronavirus (Covid-19)has been the headline news over the last few months as fears of a worldwide pandemic have been spreading... Read More

Betfred and NetEnt unite - 03 Mar 2020
Gaming software giants have announced they are to join forces with one of the most well-known betting names, Betfred, in an exciting expansion to the business... Read More


The online casino industry is undoubtedly one of the fastest moving in the world. Between regulation changes, technological advancements, new sites and games, and the wide array of promotions and bonus offers that are available at various online casinos, it can feel like too much to keep up with.


That’s why we have made sure that all the latest news from the world of online casinos is always available for you right here, whether it’s another huge jackpot being paid out to a lucky player by a progressive slot game, or a law change that affects the entire industry, you’ll find out about it here as soon as it happens.


New Online Casinos


The world of online casino play is both one of the most competitive, and one of the most lucrative industries on the planet right now. This makes it no surprise that a constantly increasing number of sites are joining the market to take up the challenge and try and entice players with their range of games and promotions.


With so many new sites arriving, it’s difficult to know where to look when it comes to choosing which ones to play at. That’s why we’ll bring you news of every promising new online casino that launches, and an honest, unbiased breakdown of what each site has to offer.


Latest Technology


Online gambling loves technology, and that love is certainly reciprocated. It was technological advancement that led to the online casino industry existing, and that has been followed by numerous breakthroughs, including mobile gaming, HTML5, and most recently, virtual reality.


It seems that barely a month goes by without new technology being utilised to evolve and heighten the gaming experience for online casino players, and we’re here to report every change in simple terms, with no confusing complex language, so you know exactly what every new step forward means for you.




If you’re looking for a new place to play, then the promotions on offer at various online casinos are likely to be one of the most important factors in your decision-making process.


Whether it is a welcome bonus offering free spins and/or a deposit bonus, or promotions for existing players that can offer anything from holidays to garden furniture, gig tickets to cash prizes, we are here to let you know about all the new, exciting promotions that you are up for grabs around the online casino world.


Newest games


Whether it’s another big hitter from the likes of Microgaming or NetEnt, or a new release from a lesser known software developer trying to make an impact in a competitive industry, barely a day goes by without a new slot or casino game arriving on the market.


Don’t worry about searching the internet to try and keep up with every new game, we’ll bring you information about all of them right here, so you’ll never feel like you’re missing out.


If you like to keep up to date with the online casino industry, never missing a new development, then we’ve got you covered.

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