Antigua Gaming Association


The Antigua Online Gaming Association was established in the late 1990s in order to offer licences for online casinos. This company is based in the island of Antigua, one of the two major inhabited islands that make up the Caribbean country of Antigua and Barbuda.


There are currently two different types of licenses offered by the company: an interactive wagering license, which is for sportsbooks, and an interactive gaming licence, which is for casinos. If a site wishes to include both a casino and a sportsbook, both types of licence must be applied for.

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The application process for both licences is very lengthy and involves those setting up the website to fill out an extensive application form and pay a non-refundable fee. The application form is particularly length because the company needs to confirm the identity of those filling out the form and ensure that they don’t have any criminal records and have a solid financial history.


Once the application form has been approved, the OGA will then take a look at the prospective business model and will determine whether or not they think it stands a chance of being successful. If the OGA thinks it will be successful, they will then approve the licence and the casino or sportsbook will be legally allowed to operate.


The OGA aims to look after players and ensure they’re not being cheated in any way when gambling online. All players who have a complaint are encouraged to deal with the casino or sportsbook operator first and if the problem doesn’t get resolved, they are then asked to contact a third-party affiliate, such as AskGamblers. If third-parties can’t get the issue resolved, players should then contact the OGA, who will reply as soon as they can and will do everything within their power to get any problems sorted out.


The OGA regularly checks up on all casinos and sportsbooks to ensure they’re operating legally. All licensees are required by the company to provide regular proof of any anti-money laundering services used, as well as proof of fair gaming and financial stability. The OGA will also ensure that appropriate measures are being taken to prevent people who are underage from gambling. A website may find their licence being revoked if they do not comply with the rules and regulations set out by the OGA.


There are some companies who claim to be licensed by the OGA, but don’t actually hold a licence from the OGA. Any company that claims to have a licence but doesn’t, can’t be trusted. In order to verify that a casino does actually hold an OGA licence, simply visit the antiguagaming.gov website and click on the ‘licensees’ section. On the left-hand side, click on the ‘non-active licenses’ link for a list of online casinos and sportsbooks that claim to have a licence, but don’t actually have one.


The OGA has got a very good reputation throughout the online gambling industry and is a popular choice for smaller and mid-sized online casinos and sportsbooks.