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Neteller (1-Pay) is a payment method available only to people in Taiwan that enables people to make online payments. With this payment method, you can make both deposits and withdrawals.

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How to use the Neteller (1-Pay) payment method


To create a Neteller (1-Pay) account, you simply have to visit the Neteller (1-Pay) website and follow the instructions. When making a deposit with this payment, simply choose it from the list of payment options at the online casino and fill out the form, then confirm the deposit and the funds will be added to your account once the deposit has been accepted.


Currencies accepted by this payment method include GBP, EUR, TWD and USD; most other major currencies are accepted. When funds are converted into your local currency, the daily exchange rate is used. You can only make deposits in USD and you can make withdrawals in the following five currencies: CAD, GBP, EUR, TWD and USD. When making withdrawals, your request for a withdrawal will be sent to customer service, who will then send it on to the accounting department. You will then receive an email asking you to confirm the withdrawal and once you’ve confirmed it, it will be processed.


The minimum amount of money you can deposit is £10 and the minimum amount you can withdraw is £10. The maximum amount you can withdraw at any one time is £25,000; deposits are free, though players receive only one free withdrawal a month. If players wish to make more than one withdrawal a month, there will be a fee of £8 for each additional withdrawal made after the first free one.