Firepay Casino Sites


If you have an official bank account of the United States then you could potentially use Firepay to make payments online. This payment method works similar to a debit card, with operations being handled by the banks of the US.


Several online casinos accept Firepay as a method of making deposits into an online casino account.


In order to activate a Firepay account, a user has to transfer some money into it. When it has money available in it, the Firepay account can be used to make online purchases for goods and services. As well as making payments into merchant’s accounts, users can also make transfers from Firepay into personal bank accounts.

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No sign-up fees


One feature of Firepay that makes it appealing is the fact membership is free and there are no costs associated with signing up and joining the system.


Instant payments


Another principle advantage of Firepay is the fact that when making purchases for services and goods online, payments are instant. Not only this but withdraws and online transfers are also instant.


Firepay users can also enjoy the peace of mind that their personal details and sensitive banking data are not disclosed when making purchases online. Due to its instant and secure nature, Firepay is becoming a popular method of making purchases for many goods and services on the internet.


Are there any downsides to the Firepay system?


Perhaps the biggest drawback is the fact the system is only available to individuals with a US bank account and who are in the United States. This means that online consumers in other countries and those who don’t have an official US bank account, cannot benefit from using Firepay as a safe and secure online banking solution.