Gold-Pay Casino Sites


GoldPay essentially refers to an online payment system via a GoldPay ewallet. In the world of online casinos, those that accept this method of payment to make deposits and withdrawals are often known as GoldPay Casinos.


It is GoldPay’s ethos to make payments and transactions carried out over the internet as quick, easy and simple as when making transactions with cash.


Unlike other types of online payment systems, with GoldPay the deposit and withdrawal processing only takes place from Monday to Friday and specifically from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon, EST. Transactions can also be made with GoldPay on weekends, between the hours of 9 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon, EST.

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GoldPay users can take advantage of the system’s live chat support service, which is only available during the hours that transactions can be made. Emails to GoldPay’s customer service team can be made 24/7.


GoldPay is available for players located in the United States, though it is used as a method of making deposits and withdrawals to and from online casino accounts across the world.


Is there a cost to use GoldPay?


In a word, yes. There is a 2 percent fee for every transaction made via GoldPay. The fee gets automatically deducted from the account of a user when payment has been received. If a user makes a deposit with an E-check, there is a $10 fee.


How does GoldPay work?


Goldpay is easy to use. Users simply have to click on the buying option on the GoldPay Casino site. Players can top up their GoldPay account via several different means, including Xoom, Western Union transfers, MoneyGram, or by using a Wire Bank Transfer. The funds in a player’s GoldPay account can then be used to make deposits into their GoldPay Casino account.