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The Lava Pay system provides an all-inclusive payment solution for online merchants. The system enables payments to be made via credit card, as well as with more local alternative payment around the globe. The system also provides customer support, payment analytics and anti-fraud protection.


API integration


With Lava Pay, payment processing via the internet is just an integration away. With Lava Pay, credit cards are accepted globally. The system also supports payments made via SMS, as well as having access to more than 120 other payment options that are local in over 200 different countries with one solitary internet payment gateway interaction.

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What are the features of the Lava Payment system?


Some of the principle features and benefits of this method of payment include being able to make transactions instantly, payments are carried out in a safe and secure online environment, multiple wallets can be used, the service provides great customer service, payments are simple to deposit as well as to withdraw.


Other features of Lava Pay that should be highlighted include the fact that the system is supported by all major credit cards, as well as an increasingly diverse range of alternative payment methods, the system is also incredibly flexible with a real-time reporting function. Lava Pay also has multi-currency and multi-channel support and uses advanced management tools and fraud prevention. The Lava Pay system also provides a seamless integration with numerous acquiring banks, amongst many other great features.


What are the costs involved with Lava Pay?


Another plus point of this online method of payment is the fact there are no fees required to be made monthly and there are no inclusive transactions each month.


Lava Pay also provides complimentary services for merchants that include pricing optimisation, conversion, accounting, currency risk advice, consulting, and several other tools and services that are beneficial to the merchant.