Stone-Pay Casino Sites


Stone Pay is an online transaction method that is used in China whereby users can make deposits without being charged any fee. Stone Pay is owned by a group known as Quick Access International. As it belongs to an umbrella of Neteller PLC, the largest independent internet financial transfer organisation, users can rest assure they are using a trusted payment system.

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What are the advantages of using the Stone Pay payment method?


Stone Pay specialises in enabling transactions for merchants involved in gaming, digital downloads, adult and certain mainstream payments. It is a safe and secure payment method that gives users peace of mind that their personal details and sensitive banking information will not fall into the hands of an unwanted third party and used fraudulently.


The system is also convenient and straightforward to use, meaning players can quickly have their funds deposited into an online casino account without too much hassle or delay.


The Stone Pay payment method is licensed by the facilitators of e-commerce activities in the Macau Special Administrative Region. In terms of currencies, the Stone Pay system accepts the RMB Chinese currency. There is a number of online casino sites in China that accept the RMB currency. However, not all of these sites necessarily support the Stone Pay system. Though as Stone Pay is associated with Neteller, casino consumers in China have access to a larger number of currencies, as Neteller supports multiple currencies.


As this Chinese payment method is gathering momentum in sites that are accepting it, Stone Pay looks like becoming a popular and convenient payment method of the future. Being connected to Neteller, users can have peace of mind, they are in ‘capable’ hands. However, at the moment, the number of online casinos accepting the Stone Pay system are fairly limited.