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WING is a mobile payment method that enables people in Cambodia to make and receive online payments. Through using this service, people can pay their bills, pay for online goods and services, top up their phone bills and make local transfers. This service was launched in 2009 and is the leading provider of mobile and online payment services in the country.

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Setting up a WING account is a straightforward and quick process. Once your account has been set up, you can start using WING to make payments. Making online deposits and payments, topping up your phone’s credit account and making bill payments with certain payment methods are completely free of charge. However, there are fixed fees for checking your balance, changing your phone number, changing the currency of your wallet, making withdrawals and using certain payment methods to pay your bills. There are also variable fees for making WING-to-WING account transfers and making certain bill payments, with the amount of the fee depending on how much money is involved in the transaction.


WING is available in the Cambodian Riel, as well as the US Dollar. Online casinos that accept this payment method allow users to make deposits and withdrawals in both currencies. Everyone who signs up to WING gets their own WING Card, which comes with a unique 8-digit account number. There’s also a 4-digit PIN code that you have to use whenever you wish to carry out a transaction. There are over 3,600 WING outlets throughout Cambodia where you can deposit or withdraw cash, though to do so you have to show your WING card and enter your PIN number. If you don’t want to use your card to deposit and withdraw money, you can simply use the mobile service instead.