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A Bet A is a company that provides betting systems to the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the world beyond. This takes the form of systems in shops aka EPOS, online bookmaking, and call centres.

The company was founded in 1990 as a specialist provider of betting transactional systems, with the aim of 'keeping the bookmaker ahead of the game.' A Bet A claims itself to be a forward-looking, innovative, and responsive company, with a worldwide customer base. It services these customers with reliable, robust, cost-effective and cutting-edge products.

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A Bet A customers can expect ongoing support, advice, problem-solving, and system upgrades. Bookies who use A Bet A solutions may benefit from smaller operating costs, and improved trading options. A Bet A's aim is to make both the small operators and large operators more profitable.


For websites, A Bet A has a product called NetBetty. This allows websites to take bets over the Internet, and the product is integrated with mobile and call centre products. The product is robust, fast, and flexible – it also integrates with bank wallets, so players can deposit funds. Bookmakers using NetBetty can operate multiple websites using a single client database.


When it comes to design, NetBetty is supremely flexible too – bookmakers can choose their own site design if they wish, or, A Bet A will provide a full design service. Furthermore, the sophisticated bet profiling system means bookmakers never need accept a bet they don't want. NetBetty uses Microsoft technology, and requires a minimum of IT support.


Another product from the A Bet A stable is Internet Lite. A client may want a website to complement a call centre and retail business, but may not have the resources to operate a fully-fledged Internet betting operation. By partnering with A Bet A, and using Internet Lite, clients are given a formidable web presence, and a full content online betting system, which is managed by a partner.


Prices for the A-Bet A Publisher start from £5950. Bookies can display events, odds, and results on their own website, and this is automatically updated from the main system. Further upgrades are possible for £5000. And it's a safe bet to say, you didn't know any of that, so consider yourself educated.