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Air Dice states its intention to “[Combine] new content and visual excellence with the traditional thrill of money gaming” and the Finnish based company certainly seems capable of backing up its boast.

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Small but Mighty


Air Dice is a small, Helsinki based company, but their plan of action makes it clear that they have serious ambitions, and the skills and experience to carry them through.


The basic philosophy at the root of everything Air Dice does is that online casino games have stagnated to a certain degree, and that a different take on the theme is necessary to move the industry forwards.


Innovative Gameplay


Air Dice games are not available at a huge number of casinos at this point, but when you find them, the creative and unique features of the likes of Joker Dice, Mayan Dice, Choco Deluxe, and more are enough to guarantee that this is a company we should be seeing a lot more of in the future.