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Betsense may not be the most recognisable software developer in the iGaming world, but it is a name that has been slowly gaining traction within the industry for some time now.


About Betsense


The history of Betsense is a little confusing, we know that they have a strong link to Georgian operator Adjarabet, which was owned by now CEO of Betsense, Zakaria Khitarishvili, who also owned a Flash design studio.


Betsense now provide Flash games to Adjarabet, something that makes a lot of sense given his history, and obviously allowed a foot in the door from the outset.


Based out of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, Betsense has, up to this point, created games that are very much aimed at their local market, but that’s something the developer seems keen to change, with aspirations of heading out to a wider market.

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Betsense have been playing it safe so far, and they don’t seem to be making any secret of that, but there is potential present throughout everything the developer does.


While the designs of slots may be pretty basic and similar, there is a sense of style developing here that is interesting, as are the unique themes that Betsense takes for their slots.


With games available in both Georgian and English, titles like Dictator, Fashion Slot, and Mammoth show that Betsense can bring a theme to life in slot games that others had hitherto not considered, which is an important talent.


What happens next?


The future is interesting to think of when it comes to Betsense, if they do look further afield for a wider audience, then we could all be introduced to some very interesting slot concepts in the near future.


Whether these concepts will work or not remains to be seen, but it’s nice to see a developer willing to take a risk.