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Intervision Gaming specialises in developing games for the gambling industry. The aim of this company is to be recognised as a world-class supplier of high-quality gaming products that are entertaining for the player and profitable for the casino operator.

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Intervision Gaming Software and Games


The company is making waves in the online gambling world, though it still manufactures gaming cabinets for land-based casinos. These cabinets are: the Schmart SL200, the Megavision Series and the Ultravision Series. All of these gaming cabinets have been designed to get users playing for longer, which should increase both profitability and player enjoyment.


There are several dozen games available from Intervision Gaming, including two bingo games, five progressive jackpots and over 50 video reels. The games all feature outstanding graphics and offer immersive and thrilling gaming experiences. Many of the slots are themed after historical people and wild animals, with titles including Marie Antoinette’s Riches, 101 Lions, Wilderness and My Geisha’s Secret.