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When it comes to making a first impression, Nucleus Gaming is the very definition of hit and miss.


Visit the Nucleus Gaming website and you will likely be impressed with the look style and claims, but the lack of proof reading of these claims, such as “We create the worlds [sic] most awesome video slots” does take some of the shine off a bit.


When it comes to history and information on Nucleus Gaming, these are oddly difficult to find, with no information as to who makes up Nucleus Gaming, or what their origins are, which does not exactly build trust in a market where trust is of the utmost importance.

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What we do know about Nucleus Gaming, or at least what the company claims, is that they are lovers of online casino games, and therefore create titles that would interest them.


If this is true, then they certainly have a taste for strong images and bright colour scheme, but their slots do all look great.


Most of the games offered by Nucleus Gaming have a very cartoon like style, and a similar one at that, but the differences in subject matter between the likes of Geppetto’s Toy Shop, which is obviously based on the story of Pinocchio, High Noon, a Wild West themed slot, Kitty Cutie, yep, you guessed it, cats, Sashimi Dreams which revolves around Oriental cuisine, and more.


You’ll also find some more classic looking slots here, such as Super Crystals, and Super 7s, the latter of which has a very classic feel combined with a modern look, and Vegas Road Trip.


Nucleus Gaming produce good games, the style may be similar, but if it is your kind of style, then you are likely to be very impressed with the games here, all of which are playable for free on the Nucleus Gaming website.