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Nobody can accuse Reel 54 of not being ambitious, with their website claiming that “Reel 54 is set out to create the world’s largest premium casino games develop community” helping those in the industry “develop premium games based on their ideas and assets”.


Founded by a group of experienced industry professionals who “have seen too much average things [sic] being offered to the Industry”, Reel 54 set out to create something different, and it’s they have certainly accomplished that.


The website could do with a proofread, and that’s not just us being pedantic. It is vital to give a strong first impression and having such glaring errors as that in the quote above does not exactly scream professionalism.


Luckily for Reel 54, however, their work in the industry speaks for itself, and although tweaks to the website would be a help, they’ve done okay so far!

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About Reel 54


Reel 54 is part of the Gamanza Group, which has a strong reputation in the iGaming industry thanks to their unique and innovative toolkit and client framework, so this is a name that may be new, but has a legacy behind it.


Starting life in 2015, but only really being a part of the market since 2016, Reel 54 saw its first game go live at the beginning of 2017 to a decent response.


Intending to “grab a significant piece of the B2B cake with games distribution” Reel 54 has its aims set high, and is working hard to achieve them.




Another typo ridden part of the Reel 54 website boasts that the new name in the industry “uses one of the most modern gaming RGS platform [sic] in the market”.


Again, the wording may not be great, but the claim has foundations, with a highly scalable transaction engine, a high performing HTML framework, and a real-time CRM toolkit.


The platform also offers segmented in-game promotions and bonuses, Unlimited MPUs, achievements, level settings, and player reward groups including free bets and rounds, bonuses, gifts, XP points, and more.


With multi-brand and multi-currency support throughout, the platform offers a lot to its clients, and explains why several game designers have already signed up to create a “stream of premium games already being designed and soon to be developed”.




One of the most important aspects of the game design services that Reel 54 provide is the ability for trademark owners to conceptualise and design games around the trademark or brand of the client.


Games can be provided for the social gaming, casual gaming, or real money games markets so whatever a client is looking for, Reel 54 is able to provide it.


As a new company in the highly competitive iGaming industry, it is vital to have aspirations, and Reel 54 definitely does. Whether this company can make good on its ambitions remains to be seen, it’s a big ask, and could simply not pick up the momentum it needs, but Reel 54 are off to a good start.