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With a name like Spin Fan, it would be safe to assume that this is a company that either develops slot games, or desktop cooling systems. Their existence on these pages is probably enough to suggest that the former is what this software developer focuses their attention on.


Spin Fan is one of the most interesting developers in the iGaming world, not necessarily because of anything they have produced, but because they are the online casino world’s version of Lord Lucan, in as much as after developing a number of games, they have disappeared.


What happened to Spin Fan is unknown, the assumption is that the company has ceased their work within the industry, but nobody is entirely sure, adding a certain extra level of mystery to the developer.

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As Spin Fan appears to have taken its leave from the industry, many of its titles have started to do the same thing, meaning the number of slots available from the developer is decreasing at a regular basis.


However, at the time of writing, there are a few that still remain, and even if just for the purpose of playing them before they vanish forever, they’re worth looking up.


Spin Fan Games


Spin Fan always favoured the traditional approach to slots, which is clear by their portfolio of exclusively three-reeled offerings.


Nixterida is probably the most famous and popular of the bunch, a minimalist layout with a 3x3 grid, this is as old school a set up as you’re going to find anywhere.


However, active paylines range from 64 to 320 depending on your preference. This is far from the best-looking slot you’ll ever find, but if you like nostalgia, it’s worth a few spins for the jackpot, probably not on mobile though, no Spin Fan games survive that transition!


A developer that has long since past its sell buy date, nostalgia is the only reason to bother.