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Talarius was acquired by Tatts Group, an Australian company, back in 2007 and thanks to its licensing from the UK Gambling Commission, the company currently operates around 180 gambling centres throughout the UK. Tatts Group is among Australia’s largest gaming companies and specialises in operating gaming businesses and lotteries; the company is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

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Talarius promotes itself as a UK-based, market-leading slot machine operator. As well as operating nearly 200 gambling centres, Talarius currently operates around 10,000 gambling machines throughout the UK. Through RAL Interactive, Talarius owns the majority of CZ Trading, which is the trading name of Quicksilver Casino. As such, Talarius slots can be found at a large number of Quicksilver Casino venues; with dozens of locations throughout the UK, Quicksilver Casino is among the UK’s largest amusement businesses and has three distinct brands: Quicksilver, Silvers and Winners. These three brands collectively deliver a range of exciting and entertaining slots to people on the high street, though not all locations are on the high street; eight of them, for example, can be found at motorway service stations.


Players of all budgets, age ranges and skill levels are welcome to try out slots by Talarius. They can place stakes for as little as 2p or as much as £5 and stand the chance of winning up to £500. The Talarius website doesn’t provide much information at all about the slots the company develops; the Quicksilver Casino website doesn’t have much information about Talarius slots either, though it does have a few screenshots of Talarius gaming units, as well as a promotional image for the Rainbow Richest slot and the Magic Lotto slot, both of which offer £500 jackpots. There are some several dozen slots by Talarius available to play at various Quicksilver Casino locations throughout the UK.