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The least said about the name of this company when it is heard or read by an English speaker the better, just keep in mind the company is Russian, and any confusion was certainly not intentional.


Unicum are a well-respected provider of online slot games, known for their unique and somewhat leftfield approach to game concepts.

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Unicum came to be way back in 1991, and they started making their move in the online scene over a decade ago, so they know their business by this point.


It was this move into iGaming that changed everything for Unicum, they went from being a hardworking company seeing a fair to middling level of success, to one of the biggest names in the industry after making the switch.




It is hard to create a slot game that doesn’t feel like another slot game, hence the mass of slots based around Ancient Egypt, Greek Gods, the Wild West, and many other overused themes.


However, Unicum proves it is not impossible to come up with an entirely unique concept, because they do it time and again. What sets Unicum’s games apart is, to be frank, they fact that they are all completely out of their respective trees.


Games from Unicum are entirely crazy, wonderful in pretty much all cases, but quite insane.


Unicum Games


Most of Unicum’s slots are in some way, shape, or form, based around the theme of Soviet Russia. Gold of Party, for example, is adorned with Soviet symbols from the 80s communist era, with a soundtrack inspired by Soviet films of the time.


Bratva is the most loved game in Unicum’s collection, which, and I quote, “takes players to old Russian markets with criminals and the police”. A simple, yet effective concept, playing Bratva is about the most fun you can have at an online casino!