Yoyougaming Casino Sites


China is not a country known for its online gaming companies. The country may be at the forefront of many industries, but iGaming has always been dominated predominantly by European and North American companies, that is, apart from YoyouGaming.


Launched in 2009, YoyouGaming has risen along with the popularity and interest in the Asian betting market, making this company a shining example of excellent timing.

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Started from the bottom


YoyouGaming was established back in 2009 as essentially an indie games provider, a small group of people creating entertaining games for a growing market.


Despite non-state regulated gambling being illegal in their home country of China, YoyouGaming still went on something of a gaming rampage, creating an impressive catalogue of games that incorporated slots, casino titles, and lottery games, some of which involved progressive jackpots.


The silent years


However, as quickly as the waves had appeared from YoyouGaming, they disappeared again, with the company being pretty much silent since 2014, with no social media activity, an inaccessible website, and no noise at all coming from YoyouGaming.


It should be pointed out that in 2014, Kevin Li, who is CEO of YoyouGaming, started another company in the iGaming market, Inteplay.


One can only therefore assume that the time of YoyouGaming has passed, or is at least on hold for the foreseeable future.


YoyouGaming Games


The slots that YoyouGaming have released are varied, many have an Asian theme, ranging from Mid-Autumn Festival, a slot based around the Chinese and Vietnamese celebrations, to three games that are dice based in design, Gold Dice, Lucky dice, and Fire Dragon, all of which are available on the Odobo platform.


However, YoyouGaming’s concepts go further afield as well, like in Lost in Africa, Penguin Adventure, and Last Dinosaurs.


All of these games have a real sense of fun to them, so if you like your slots playful, you should check out the offerings from YoyouGaming.