Casino Progressive Jackpots

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Progressive jackpots offer players the chance to win big. To be a successful online gambler, people need to have a thorough understanding of the games they're playing, but more importantly, how to win as much money as possible.

How do casino progressive jackpots work?

With a progressive jackpot, the winnings are funded by small percentages of every players' bet, while the rest goes towards the current game. The jackpot keeps on growing every time another person plays, but you can only win the maximum if you bet the maximum. Once the jackpot has been won, it resets itself and the fun starts all over again.

Win image progressive jackpots

Network of jackpots

Each online game can run a progressive jackpot, but the real money is in linked jackpots. The idea is that rather than just players of one particular game funding the pot, players from games all over the casino and even in other casinos, creating a network of slot machines all contributing to the jackpot. With more people funding the pot, the quicker the jackpot will increase and the bigger the prize.

Types of games

A progressive jackpot is most commonly found on slot machines, but there are so many different types of these games that there's bound to be one that each player enjoys. Players tend to have a preferred type of slot machine, but these jackpots are available on the vast majority of games, so players won't miss out on the opportunity to win big.

How much are progressive jackpots worth?

When playing a game that counts towarsds a progressive jackpot, the current total is usually displayed at the top of the screen. The counter will likely be ticking over quickly, especially if playing in a linked casino, so players should keep an eye on it. Don't be surprised if it hits five or six figures!

How to win

In most cases, players will have to match  a winning combination, but random progressive jackpots are also becoming quite popular. With these, rather than having to match the combination, these jackpots are won at random. Players won't know how or when they will win, so it gives them an extra reason to continue playing and hope that they'll be the next lucky winner.

Casino progressive jackpots

Progressive games tend to have a number of jackpots, with the main prize only available to players that are betting the maximum number of coins. It's important to do this on every spin of the reel if they want to be in the best chance of winning the jackpot. By deciding to bet less than the maximum, players are risking the opportunity of winning the outright progressive jackpot.

This isn't the case on all machines and games though; in some cases, smaller bets can also trigger the jackpot. It's worth checking out the rules of the game before betting, so players know exactly what's up for grabs.

Lower payout record

Due to the nature of progressive jackpots, there tend to be fewer payouts compared to the standard jackpot. When playing a game with a progressive jackpot, players are in with the chance of winning a six-figure sum, so it's often worth the longer wait.