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At a time when the giants of software development are dominating the online casino landscape with one top quality title after another, many lesser known names are flying somewhat under the radar. This is possibly more true of Igrosoft than it is of any other provider currently on the market.


Perhaps best known for their slapstick, Donkey Kong style Crazy Monkey title (and a little less so for its sequel) Igrosoft do not create the incredible graphics and animations that some of their rivals do, preferring to release simple, playful, colourful games that are as basic in their gameplay as they are in their design.

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The ups


There are well over ten Igrosoft titles currently available to play online, and if you like the charm of simplicity, then they may well be for you.


While the market is full of true to life animations, cartoon like slots which are easy to play and understand are being created less, and that almost gives Igrosoft a niche, not quite, but almost.


Not only a developer of software, those behind Igrosoft have also worked hard to ensure that their games run smoothly, and on a number of different platforms. The company also carries out repairs when necessary to make sure that their games are always running at full capacity, and keep on top of all licensing agreements so that everything stays above board, safe to play, and fair to players.


The downs


Russian software developer Igrosoft has been on the online casino scene for nearly twenty years, and during that time has produced (per their website) a little over 20 games.


This output is substantially smaller than that of many of Igrosoft’s competitors, to put it in perspective, NetEnt have been on the scene for just over 20 years, anybody want to volunteer to count up how many slot games they have released during that time?


Another tick in the negative column for Igrosoft comes from its website, which is disappointing to say the least. One assumes there has been no design work done on the site since the company’s launch, and it’s tough to imagine that the site didn’t look outdated even back then.


Not only that, but the site barely gives the impression that there is a host of new slot games coming our way, with the last listed release being Crazy Monkey 2, which was released way back in 2010.


Igrosoft Games


Crazy Monkey is the favourite here. Huge in the Russian market, Crazy Monkey is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. A rampaging chimp is full of slapstick humour, including in its bonus game when the Crazy Monkey pulls strings and is either rewarded by a banana to eat, or an anvil to the head.


Novelty animal games are the order of the day with Igrosoft, with Crazy Monkey, Crazy Monkey 2, Gnome, Sweet Life, and Sweet Life 2 all following this theme.


There are other games which slightly different themes, but if Igrosoft does get around to releasing another, we can safely assume it will probably be a humorous, animal based title.