How to play Let It Ride Poker

22 Jun 2015       By

Let It Ride Poker is an extremely popular game to play in both ‘bricks and mortar’ casino halls and on casino sites. If you’ve decided to take the plunge and join the many Let It Rider players throughout the world, take a look at the following advice on how to play this popular and exciting poker game.

What’s unique about Let It Ride Poker is that unlike the majority of casino games, players do not compete against the Dealer. On the contrary, players hope the Dealer has a good hand.

Sounds intriguing? Then read on…

Another unique element of the popular casino game is the fact that players make a total of three bets at the beginning of each hand. If however the player is not happy with their cards, they are able to take two of the bets back throughout the hand.

Having the opportunity to reduce their stake once the player has viewed their hand, is undoubtedly a leading contributor to what makes Let It Ride so popular.

So what are the rules of Let It Ride Poker?

This well-played casino game involves players using a standard 52-card deck. The traditional rules involving poker hand rankings of five cards apply. As mentioned earlier, unlike many other casino games which are based on poker, players do not have to beat a dealer, all they require is a quality hand. The strength of the players’ hand will determine whether they win or lose bets, and the stronger the hand, the more they will inevitably win.

Every round of Let It Ride Poker begins when the players have placed the three bets that are required. It is imperative that each of the three bets are equal in size. Next, players are dealt a total of three cards. They can look at these three cards but two more cards are dealt facing down onto the board. It is now that players must decide if they want to remove a bet or leave them in place.

Once that decision has been made, one out of the two cards facing down is turned over. The card is then added to the player’s hand. Again, the player has the opportunity either to remove a bet from their hand or leave them all in place.

The remaining card is then turned over, which completes the player’s hand of five cards. If the player is in possession of at least one pair of tens, they are given a pay-out. The rate of the pay-out depends on the strength of the player’s hand. The pay-out is multiplied by the player’s remaining bets, which equates to their total winnings.

While stronger hands are typically paid better rates, a pair generates a pay-out of a 1:1 rate. However, the different online casinos offer different rates, which can even be as much as a royal flush being awarded a rate of 1,000:1.

Many casinos also offer the chance for players to make Let It Ride side bets. These optional bets are however required to be placed before the player views any of their cards.

So now you know the rules, get online and enjoy a great game of Let It Be Poker!