Mobile Poker

14 Nov 2013       By Danielle Lee

Mobile poker has been around since 2006. Mobile phones that supported Java enabled users to play this popular game whenever they wanted. However, the graphics were a little dated and the games were slow to load. They were also prone to lose connection quite easily as mobile signal hadn’t been fully developed to the standard it is now. These days you can enjoy real time poker with impressive graphics and smooth game play.

Mobile poker popularity

It was in 2010 that poker really hit the mobile market. Thanks to 3G and Wi-Fi capabilities, it opened up a brand new experience for mobile phone users. It was when the smartphones were born. Companies such as Full Tilt and Switch Poker offered downloadable apps that allowed users to play for real cash on their mobiles. It really took off and within its first day, Switch poker had 1000 new registrants.

Poker Chips

The company that really changed mobile poker for the better however was PokerStars. In 2011 it bought the Cecure Gaming company and launched a new PokerStars Mobile app. As well as the popular Texas Hold’em poker game, this app also features favourites such as Hi/Lo games.

It seems that the popularity of poker on the go is ever increasing. Special ‘fast poker’ games have been developed to make the game more exciting for mobile players. The fast pace can be exciting and it’s ideal for mobile users.

Watch your spending

However, the one thing you have to watch out for with these games is the fact you could spend a lot more money on them. As they are fast paced, it’s possible to gamble more money than you would on a standard game of poker. Before you know it you’ve lost hundreds of pounds just by playing a few games. It’s a slippery slope and something you really need to be careful of.

Mobile poker is a fantastic game that’s come a long way since it started out. There are still a few flaws in the various apps available. However for the most part they are definitely worth investing in. You can gamble on your favourite game whenever you like, no matter where you are.