Video Poker Odds

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Video poker is one of the best casino style games to play on casino sites if you're hoping to win. It's also available on some bingo sites too and has a higher payout than some of the other games, as well as tending to have more predictability. Video poker odds can be influenced by a number of different things, including the particular online machine that you choose, but this exciting game is a favourite of many. If you have a solid strategy and are prepared to keep up consistency then you'll find the odds of video poker can make it a really rewarding game.

House Edge

The House edge can influence the odds of the game, as it is the advantage that the house has. The odds for video poker can also change depending on different machines. Casino site poker machines that offer full pay have a less than 0.5 percent House edge for a jacks or better game played with optimal strategy. However, using perfect strategy on a full pay deuces wild machine will allow the game to be in favour of the player, meaning the edge is around 0.77 percent. This is great news, but unfortunately it can be a hard task to find a full pay deuces wild machines online. It can also be difficult to keep up momentum when playing optimal strategy, but it is possible to do this consistently.

video poker odds

Video Poker With Full Pay

Full pay means the pay table that is optimal for the type of poker you choose in order to get the best video poker odds you must be using a pay table that is at least this favorable.

A full pay jacks or better machine on the casino or bingo site you choose will pay 1:1 for a pair of jacks to aces, 2:1 for two pair, 3:1 for three ok a king, 4:1 for a straight, 6:1 for a flush, 9:1 for a full house and 25:1 for a full house. Because of flush and full house payouts, machines that pay 9:1 for a full house are often named 9:6 machines.

When using a progressive poker machine to play online casino games, a straight flush usually means a win of 10 percent of the progressive pool, while a royal flush will win you whole prize pool. If the video poker machine you choose isn't progressive or you don't play the amount of coins that is allowed as a maximum, then the software will pay out 50 coins for a straight flush and 800 for the Royal.

The video poker odds for a full pay deuces wild machine is 1:1 for three of a kind, 2:1 for a straight, 3:1 for a full house, 5:1 for four of a skin, 9:1 for a straight flush, 15:1 for five of a kind, 25:1 for a Royal with wild cards and 200:1 for four deuces. For a Royal flush without wild cards, you can expect 800:1.