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This software developer really comes from old school roots as Incredible Technologies was started back in 1985 by two Purdue University graduates; Richard Ditton, a NASA software engineer and Elaine Hodgson, a biochemist. The company started out life in the owners’ basement but soon expanded as demand grew.


Some of Ditton and Hodgson’s early work involved the development of several games for the Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga and Apple II as well as working on various pinball games for Data East. The pair used this past experience in software design and implementation to set up Incredible Technologies and their vision payed off as within the first six months of business, they found themselves in continuous demand and the company doubled in size.

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In the early days, Incredible Technologies developed into several different areas. They worked on further programming for Data East’s pinball games, produced animation graphics and operating systems for Brunswick’s BowlerVision and created hardware and software for the ever popular Amiga games for the CinemaWare and BattleTech systems.


It was the late 1980s and early 1990s that really catapulted the company forward. They created hardware and software for Capcom Bowling, its first coin operated video game which mimics the action of a bowlers throw by using a trackball. They followed this up with a string of other titles under the Strata Games brand, including: Poker Dice, Ninja Clowns, Hot Shot Tennis, Strata Bowling, Peggle, Rim Rockin’ Basketball, Time Killers, Golden Tee Golf and Driver’s Edge.


Things really began to move forward when they developed ITNet. At the time, this was a state of the art system unlike no other. It allowed game and player data to be tracked and stored by using sophisticated servers which connected up the company’s games. This was one of the first systems that enabled players to compete in tournaments against each other in real time.


The technology implemented back then is still used today as ITNet is used with wireless technology for live tournaments and uploads on YouTube across thousands of gaming terminals, without the need for an internet connection.


Incredible Technologies Games


With a solid reputation in coin operated and arcade games, Incredible Technologies soon diversified their products and they began creating software for slot games releasing video slot, keno and poker games. These were released from their Magic Touch software which was launched in 2005.  


After six years of development and research, the Magic Touch system quickly became a name to remember, grabbing the attention of new players with popular games such as King of Bling and Crazy Money.


Incredible Technologies have continued to move with the times and in 2014 they launched Infinity, a gaming platform packed full of the latest technologies such as built-in digital signage support and intelligent bank lighting.


To this day, their technology and casino games can be found in the UK iGaming industry, the Chinese gaming capital of Macau, Peru, the Philippines and 17 US states.


Incredible Technologies have adapted, diversified and continued to move with the times which has ensured their longevity and success in the iGaming industry.