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Takisto is a bit different from the other online casino developers of that there is very little doubt. While the offerings, bonuses, and promotions aren't anything exceptional, what is unusual is the type of payment that Takisto games accept. This developer only uses Bitcoin for its games, both deposits and withdrawals wise. For those of you who may not know, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency – it is neither regulated nor maintained by one centralised body, and its security uses a significant degree of encryption to ensure absolute anonymity.

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Tapping into this small but exceedingly dedicated subset of dedicated Bitcoin gamblers, none of Takisto's games accept any form of conventional currency – if you want to play the games they offer, you'll have to get yourself a Bitcoin wallet and load it up through external means. The online casino you use may also offer a means of getting Bitcoins, but bear in mind that the type of security protocols surrounding Bitcoin are different – the currency is untraceable and thus operates outside of the “usual lines”. This effectively makes it impossible for third parties to steal your funds unless you give people an exact means of accessing your Bitcoin wallet. However, should that occur, the means for getting your money back will be limited at best. When opting to use Bitcoin, the security factors related to such must be factored into the equation.


Officially Takisto is one of the biggest developers of Bitcoin casino games in this newly emerging field. Their selection of games encompasses nearly every genre of casino entertainment you can think of, but their focus in particular lies in giving modern twists to classic game types. You'll find an especially rich abundance of slot, card, and table games available to you, with its poker selection in particular being especially robust – Double Joker Poker, Poker Kings, Jacks or Better, Caribbean Stud, Russian Poker, Casino Hold'em and Let it Ride represents just a partial list of what's on offer. You'll find that Takisto is like the NetEnt of Bitcoin casino developers – it's one of the most ubiquitous casino game developers in Europe, except they specialise in Bitcoin games.


Takisto was one of the first developers to utilise and take advantage of Bitcoin, meaning that their games are almost certainly going to be offered at any Bitcoin casino you find. Nearly any Bitcoin casino portal you use will direct you to a Bitcoin casino that has Takisto games within its ranks. One of the most popular online casinos around right now is BitCasino.io – unlike many other casinos that use Bitcoin, this particular online casino only offers games that accept Bitcoin, and nearly all of Takisto's 750+ titles can be played here.


If you do not patronize a casino that exclusively specialises in Bitcoin games, you might find them still offered in casinos that dedicate a single section of their website to Bitcoin–focused play - VegasCasino.io operates this way. Your online casino portal of choice may also dedicate a section of its website to Bitcoin-related news and casinos, and you'll find that Takisto contributes a considerable amount of information regarding what new games are being developed exclusively for Bitcoin players.