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When it comes to the difference between success and failure, sometimes it’s all in a name. If that is the case, then The Games Company (TGC) must be feeling pretty good about themselves, because there is absolutely no mistaking what this company does.


A relatively new outfit, having only launched in 2012, TGC have already seen their small selection of games be welcomed into the lobbies of some of the most prestigious online casinos.

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The Games Company: New kids on the block


Four years may seem like a fairly long time in an industry, but when your rivals have decades upon decades in the business, you’re definitely new.


It is only the name that is fresh, however, as the names behind TGC, Hans Winkelmann and Ian Matthews, headed up the in-house games development studio at Bwin.party, the company is stacked with experience.


Something different


With the experience they have both gathered over their years in the industry, Winkelmann and Matthews set about doing something new with TGC. Mainly through their slot titles, that boast unique themes and innovative gameplay features, lots of features at that.


Any concerns about TGC due to its recent entry to the market are quickly quashed when you experience the quirky, fun games on offer from this company.


With six of their slot titles hosted on the Odobo slots platform, and available at sites including Betfair and Bet365, TGC were already making waves, but after recently establishing deals with GECO and Leander to provide games to sites like Spin genie and Lucky Pants Bingo, this is a name that online casino lovers will start to see more and more.


From the hilarious KGB Bears, to the satirical Football Crazy, there is something for everybody in the limited number of games on offer, and that should only improve as more titles are added.